With thousands of marketing messages competing for your customers’ attention every day, want a fresh idea to break through? Try positivity! In today’s politically and socially divided world, themes of kindness, compassion, and a positive outlook are particularly appealing right now. Here are five ways to bring positivity into your print and digital design.


Positive Customers Buy More

Want another reason to market from the power of positivity? Positive messaging tends to attract customers who are positive, too—and positive customers are more profitable. According to research from Hearst, 77% of “positive” people take action after consuming media, compared with 63% of those feeling less positive.

So be positive and draw in positive thinkers. Then reap the benefits of marketing from the power of making people feel good.

1 – Use uplifting imagery. Choose images of strength, security, and success. Such images make people feel good, and who doesn’t want to feel good these days? Use calming tones and inspiring colors. This works whether you are selling vacations or vacuum cleaners.

2 – Keep it simple. With so much uncertainty and divisiveness around us, consumers long for simplicity. Keep your layout clean and uncluttered. Don’t over-complicate things. Find a positive angle to your messaging and build your layout around it.

3 – Evoke trustworthiness. Did you know that 88% of people who say they “highly trust” a brand will purchase from that brand again? And 73% will try new products and services from that company? Trust feels good! Choose colors, images, and themes that inspire it.

4 – Offer authenticity. Consumers crave authenticity. Images and video don’t always have to be slick and commercial. Use real people, testimonials, and user-generated content. Remind your audience that when they do business with you, they are doing business with real people just like them.

5 – Share your brand values. Shoppers increasingly want to do business with brands that “do the right thing.” More than four in five (82%) want to do business with brands that reflect their values, and 63% will abandon the brand if there is a mismatch. Whether it’s environmental initiatives, social justice, or cleaning up ocean plastic, find a match between what you stand for and what your customers care about and tie them together.

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