‘A big hitter in a small format. That’s the Small Format Stahl Folder.’

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The Stahlfolder Ti folding machine is a big solution in the small and medium-size format range. McClung’s investment in an advanced small format folding machine, the Stahlfolder Ti 36, that reliably feeds, scores, and pressure fold inserts to manufacturing standards. With a minimum fold length of 1 inch, the Stahlfolder Ti 36 is the specialist for small formats and miniature folding applications such as pharmaceutical products and general product support information included in product labeling and packaging. 

Our customer’s needs drive the equipment purchases our company makes. The advantage of our Small Format Stahl folding machine is the flexibility in which we are able to complete jobs. The versatility of this equipment allows us to print on a variety of paper weights while completing anything from basic to advanced folds. Our objective is to provide solutions to our customers who require a wide range of folding capabilities. The Small Format Stahl Folder is one of the machines that allow us to do that. 

Carlton Anderson, a folding employee at McClung, emphasizes how much easier the machine makes his job – “with the way the media is set up it’s more consistent and there’s hardly any reprinting or bad products”. Once the machine is set to the fold length it folds at the designated length and produces consistently high quality products. The machine is easy to operate thanks to the clear control system with graphical symbols and a built in learning mode. 

Here’s How We Do It. 

Due to the nature of the printing jobs our clients require, it is critical that our machinery at McClung is versatile enough to meet their needs. While we can configure our Stahlfolder Ti folding machine to individual requirements, there are two principles that remain true for both of our machines, the fold principles applied. The buckle plate and knife fold principles each have their advantages. Pure buckle fold machines are characterized by substantial flexibility and offer maximum customization. Combination folding machines have a smaller footprint and are made ready quickly. 

Complete with multi-positioned electronic jam detection technology, anti-static chrome plated anodized rollers, and digital job control operator interfaces, the units can process more than 10,000 sheets per hour. Perhaps the most fascinating feature of these advanced machines are the strategically placed wet score nozzles that moisten fold lines with a water and alcohol solution to ensure crisp scores and creases.



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