‘Ever Wondered How a Postcard Can be Trimmed to Size?’

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With a diverse range of cutting lengths and operating modes the POLAR 115 cutter sets new standards
in the medium to large-size format printing industry. This top-of-the-line model serves as a control
center for complete cutting lines and is equipped with external programming and networking
capabilities, allowing us to better serve our customers. Its programmable technology minimizes the
number of times our employees must move the papers, making the equipment more safe and more

The POLAR 115 machine’s versatility makes it suitable for even the most demanding jobs because of its
countless cutting lengths. It is fully capable of not only cutting paper, cardstock, and paper-board. Our
machine’s accuracy and our employees’ attention to detail differentiates us from our competitors.

Robert Henkel, a cutting employee at McClung, emphasizes how much easier the POLAR 115 machine
makes his job in comparison to the older generations of machinery– “I only have to pick the product up
once now throughout the whole process now. The new added features also make my job easier because
it eliminates the bending process which adds wear and tear on my body and keeps me safer. Technology
has advanced our cutting system to where I insert the product, program it, save my cuts, and hit

Here’s How We Do It.

The POLAR 115 machine comes standard with a positioning system, backgauge drive, color display (TFT),
block programming, process visualization, backgauge compensation/gripper margin adjustment I + II, a
full-function keyboard, clamping, safety, and a machine control system. It is beneficial for our customers
who operate in various industries because of its cutting accuracy. There is no sheet of paper that is
naturally square, therefore our machines must be increasingly accurate in order to accommodate and
match up the cuts perfectly. The POLAR 115 offers various features and operating modes such as a full-
function keyboard, process visualization, and programmable parameters specific to the job (ie: clamping
pressure, pre-clamping time, backgauge speed). The countless possibilities in which you can program
the POLAR 115 for special tasks is not only more convenient, but it adds a higher level of safety to
specialized cutting projects.

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