‘Ever wondered how technology balances basic to complicated folding patterns?’

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The Heidelberg Stahlfolder enables us to produce both standardized signatures and sophisticated fold types at record levels due to its high level of automation and accuracy. The machine’s innovative design provides substantial advantages to both our employees and our clients. All of the machine settings are conveniently placed on the main computer touchscreen, minimizing unproductive machine downtimes and creating convenience for our employees. Due to its automated nature, our employees have minimum adjustments to make to the folding rollers, slitter shafts, or buckle plate stops, ultimately making the equipment more safe for them to handle. The less our machines have to stop for adjustments, the faster we are able to achieve our delivery times.

The Heidelberg Stahlfolder machine’s versatility makes it suitable for processing even the most delicate of papers with various fold types. The best part is that no matter the job, our employees do not have to accept any reduction in productivity and our clients do not have to worry about a reduction in quality. Our machine’s efficiency and our employees’ attention to detail differentiates us from our competitors. One of the machine’s valuable capabilities is arguably its ability to batch compress products in groups of 25 or 50 with paper banding. 

Gonzalo Larosa, a folding operator at McClung, emphasizes how much faster and more consistent the Heidelberg Stahlfolder machine is – “The job I’m working on today is a four-fold project that moves from the first unit. What I do is put the papers into the machine and it folds it 3-times before going to the second unit where it makes another two folds. Once it is finished with the folding, it comes out and all of the paper is smooshed and banded together. All I have to do is take the finished product and put it in the box for delivery.” 

Here’s How We Do It. 

The Heidelberg Stahlfolder machine comes standard with 80 predefined folding layouts, QuickSetup in just 4 clicks resulting in 60% shorter setup times, fewer machine stops courtesy of its reliable sheet feeding capabilities with the PFX pallet feeder, and up to 6 centrally positioned control panels which reduces walking distances for the operator. It is especially beneficial for our customers who operate in the pharmaceutical industry because of its folding accuracy with delicate paper weights. Even after interruptions between batches, the Heidelberg Stahlfolder is able to resume production with zero paper waste and absolute accuracy of position without readjustment. The countless possibilities in which the Heidelberg Stahlfolder machine can operate guarantees reliable high quality products. 

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