If you choose to use content marketing that means you have given yourself to the process of thoughtfully researching the best forms of content to market your business. Here is an example list, (but not limited to) mediums you may choose for your content marketing: Blogging, Vlogging (Blogs in video form), Podcasting, Informative graphics, Email, Ebooks, and webinars. FYI… your website has content and can be its own form of content marketing.

These mediums are just tools. If you need to cut a board, you don’t just grab a hammer. You strategically find the best tools for content marketing, but don’t feel trapped to use them all.

Here are 5 reasons you need to use content marketing.

1. Making You Credible

Content marketing can make you credible. If other businesses, who compete with you do not have content promoting what they do or even content showing they can solve problems, but you do, chances are sales prospects will see you as more credible. Maybe you have chosen a monthly blog to build a market audience.  If you keep their attention, you have made yourself credible.

2. Content Marketing – Your Resume In Content Form

Content marketing can be used to talk about your success stories with other businesses. It is not bragging. Most people do not want to be guinea pigs for anyone. Content marketing will allow you to explore in detail what you did to make a client successful and break down the journey of how you served them to succeed.

3. Content Marketing Is a Different Medium

There is nothing wrong with cold calling, but there is nothing wrong with creating content that allows prospects in a market to get to know who you are either. Content marketing provides you the opportunity to tell people who you are. It is a different way of connecting. Instead of calling or visiting prospects individually, you create a digital space with content giving your market audience the freedom to come see you. Remember, we all have devices. Most people are on their devices all the time. If you are consistent with your content marketing, you can build a mass of leads and relationships because your prospects will find you on their devices.

4. Consistent Content Marketing Is Work That Produces

If you do content marketing consistently (and do it well) content marketing can produce qualified leads. Many are comfortable online being consumers. Everyone loves the ease of going to the Supermarket to get fresh fruits and vegetables to consume. Few want to be the farmer who sows, waters, and reaps to get their goods to market for the consumers. Content marketing is work but done properly it can produce leads and clients for you giving you a harvest. Like working a field, it does take time.

5. Educating Through Content Marketing

Content marketing can help educate a purchaser in the sales process. Do you have a strategy to help educate your market audience? If you do, it can make you more credible. That credibility will add efficiency to the sales process. Education through content marketing will bring understanding to any prospect. If people do not understand something, that means they are confused. In general, most people will run from confusion. Again, you are producing understanding through content marketing will garner your credibility, making you an authority in your field.

Find someone you know who can help you work out your ideas and strategies for your content marketing. If you do not have someone, contact me at Immerge. We’re happy to help you develop some ideas.

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