Immerge, McClung’s web division, snags a game-changing business partnership

Immerge recently completed the year-long approval process of becoming a Google AdWords Partner. They are the first company in the area to achieve this status from the company synonymous with search and online advertising.

Google only awards the Partner Badge to companies that have clearly demonstrated expertise in their advertising service, AdWords. Four of Immerge’s employees, James Carter, Samuel Johnson, Raquel Sheriff, and Brittany Goldman have completed their Adwords Professional Certification exams.

To receive the company’s Partner badge, Immerge managed AdWords accounts for their clients that exceeded the required performance, spend and quality levels stipulated by Google. This included managing a minimum outlay of $10,000 during a 90-day period, delivering solid overall AdWords revenue and growth, and growing their customer base.

“Achieving the Google Partner badge was a significant milestone in establishing Immerge’s marketing service. It demonstrates our commitment to providing our clients with the best possible digital marketing services, and our investment in further developing our experienced marketing team,” said James Carter, Director of Digital Marketing. Check out the interview with Carter on the local TV Station WHSV-TV3.

This isn’t the first recognition the company has received from the search giant. In November of last year the agency was awarded the status of “Google Street View Trusted” for their work on 360 degree virtual tours that are integrated into the Google Maps and Google My Business platforms.

Immerge is a full-service web and digital marketing agency founded in 2004 and has been a part of McClung Companies in Waynesboro since 2010. Immerge offers a broad range of technology and marketing solutions that are designed to meet the individual needs of each client.

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Published in on April 11 2017

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